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How A Silicon Valley Rockstar is Leveling Up a Family Insurance Agency

A nice informal chat with my buddy, that digs into issues facing independent agencies as we work to transform.

capitalizing on data’s full potential

A carrier and an IA guy come together to talk about building a future ecosystem that’s better for everyone.

they hired a silicon valley tech guru

Syd and I chat about all kinds of cool stuff happening in the industry and mark the beginning of what will be a very rad partnership.

Dave Davis is making tech

We start with a lovely chat about my year on the road with my family, and how that experience led to my current career career in insurance.

Journey from Intel to the insurance industry

Going a little bit deeper on the personal side of my transition into “insurtech,” (a word I dislike) with Ted & Arleen.

Surviving the “wild west” of insurtech

I talk with my bud Ryan Deeds about my journey into the world of insurance and impressions thus far.